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Amex suing in CA


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So Amex sent my account to Zwicker& Associates a year ago. They put me on a payment plan to avoid a lawsuit, but I had one payment returned last month, which I ended up paying about 3 weeks later. In the meantime, they began the filing of the official lawsuit, so they told me it was too late to withdraw it. They told me I could continue the payments (first one due next week) and sign a stipulated agreement. I have been waiting for the agreement, but it never arrived; however, I was just served with the lawsuit.

I am willing to pay the full balance, but should I sign that agreement? I am afraid that if I do it will stay in public records forever and impact my credit history. I don't know if I can still switch to arbitration. I will obviously need a lawyer at this point, but I was wondering what everyone else thought...

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