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I have been using lexington law for a few months with mixed results, but having read some stuff on here I think I can starting doing this myself. I am going to read through alot of the stuff on here about starting out and what forms of letters I should send. Here are the accounts that I have that I am going to try to get deleted.

I have 3 charge offs:

Capital one (removed from Transunion and Equifax)



I also have a few past due listings that I wanted to try to get removed like a 90 day with bank of america and a 30 day with chase.

I got my reports from truecredit.com and the scores that are listed are




I have read some stuff about those scores being wrong and that I'm better off getting them from myfico.com. I see that they have a few options for what to get, anyone have any recomendations on which to get?

If anyone has any advice on any of these which I'm going to challenge it will be greatly appreciated. I will be posting as I go along with any questions, thank you for your help in advance and again any help in getting started will be greatly appreciated.

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