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Can LLC's bank acocunt be garnished?

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I am a small business owner. My company is a Florida single-member LLC, and I am the only signatory on the company's bank account.

I also have some personal credit card debt. It was incurred before I started the company, and has no connection to the business whatsoever.

My question is this: if I am sued and lose, is there any way the creditor could garnish the company's bank account?

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No the bank account cannot be garnished... unless a charging order is applied for and granted by the court... something that most JDBs will not bother with.

im not sure what this is, but be sure your member meeting minutes, even if only once a year, are current.

this is key to them being unable to "pierce the veil" and go after your LLC money.

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Thanks for the responses.

The bank account was established with the LLC's EIN, but the bank has to get the SSN for every signatory by law. Still, it's the company's account, not mine.

I also didn't transfer assets into the LLC, but I know what you're talking about.

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