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Collection Agency Won't Validate but Reported

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I received a collection letter from Southwest Credit dated 12/07/2010

Sent a DV letter back, delivered 01/03/2011 (27 days) USPS Certified

After that Southwest kept sending me letters saying 'Are you going to pay? We will take other measures!' Yesterday I looked at my credit report and noticed that they reported to all three Credit Bureaus on 03/10/2011:

[TransUnion] Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA reqs

[Experian] Customer disputed account - reported by subscriber.

[Equifax] Consumer disputes this account information


Subject has not satisfied debt.

This caused a 20 pt drop in my scores. Are they allowed to place this on my reports 3 months later? Should I dispute with the Credit Bureaus?

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Soemthing I'ev always wondered.. IS reporting to all 3 CRA's 3 violations? Or one?

When it comes to the FDCPA, it doesn't matter how many violations are committed. The max in statutory damages is $1000 per action (lawsuit), not per violation.

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