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student loan collection need help


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i have student loan debt and i started paying back to one company (a sallie mae owned company) $50 a month for my federal loan. then i get a letter from rausch, sturm, israel, enerson & hornik llc. stating i owe $1960 and wanting me to pay the balance in full or contact them to make payments. iv not contacted them in any way. from what iv read so far they will sue me for the loan. any advice?

more info on this;

the loan is out of state from IN where i went to school. i do work in IN. but live in KY.

i made about $500 worth of payments to the other company before so i think this balance is higher then what it was.

*update* called the company i was making the payments to today to find out if this loan was from them. not the same one.. but all i have is student loan debt, so has to be somthing todo with that. anyways this is what i found our from them. my org. loan amount when they got it was $1429 after me making $800 worth of payments to them over 8 months my current balance is $1750 now so its higher then when i started paying. they where unsure of the orginal amount so they are gonna mail the info to me. this is on a federal loan that was in default when i asked them why it was higher now they said intrest every day but thats a gain of $1100 over 8months *

also i was going throught some of my paper work from school and found where i had stopped going 3months before another $3000 was taken out from sallie mae for school. i have papers from the school saying its been 3months since you dropped out. then a few days after that anothe letter from sallie mae saying $3000 has been applyed for the 05-06 year. but since i didnt go to school cant they even do that?

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