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Getting Sued, trying to resolve with attorney hints/guidance.

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I live in MA and getting sued by Discover Card. They are represented by the infamous Zwicker and a$$. firm.

The amount is for $4700, and I admit that I racked up close to $3500 before the card got shut down for non payment. I assume the rest of that comes from fees and penalties they tacked on.

I don't really have an issue paying for most of the $3500 since I did really spend that money, and It's only fair I pay it back, eventually and within an acceptable payment plan of course. That's why I am going to seek to resolve this outside of the court directly with Zwicker.

My concern is that I want to make sure I'm approaching this the right way, and not getting screwed over. I am hoping that I can agree on a settlement in the $2k range, and that it's not put on my credit report.

Any tips on how to approach this, what things to ask for, or general advice?

Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!

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Call the attorneys and make an offer. If it were me, I'd start with an offer lower than the amount I would hope to settle at. If it's too low, they'll tell you. Ask them what they'd settle for. Then, you come back with another number.

If they won't go low enough for you to pay it off in one payment, tell them you can send $XXXX.XX, and pay $XXX for a few months after that.

Get everything in writing (including the term "paid in full") and signed before you make a payment.

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