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Flagstar Bank reporting incorrect information

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I have been dealing with Flagstar Bank (OC) and the credit bureaus since May 2010. Here's my story and I promise to keep it short!!

In May 2010, I ran my credit and discovered that Flagstar reported I paid my mortgage late 30 days in Feb and 30 days late in March. I disputed this information with the credit bureaus and in June I received a letter stating that the information is correct and they will not remove this information from my credit report. I continued to send dispute letters and the credit bureaus would not update it because they said it had already been investigated (last communication occured in November/December 2010). I then began submitting dispute letters to the OC. The OC finally removed the incorrect information. I submitted the same information ( cancelled checks, emails, etc) to the OC that i sent to all 3 credit bureaus as proof that I NEVER made a late payment.

As of 3/18/2011, they late payments were removed but now Flagstar reported that my payments were in collections.

What should i do here? I am so frustrated i do not know where to begin. I know FCRA rules were broken but where should I start and with who.

Thank you in advance,

Nadia Miller:(

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