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Can anyone help me?

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I'm being sued by Zenith acquisition Corp Assignee of Capital one for the amount of 2495.00. I am located in Texas. The SoL hasn't expired yet. Would have in Nov of this year.

I have to have my answer turned into the court by Monday the 28th. I have it ready to file but what else do I need or should file with it? In the papers I received they have put the request for disclosure, admissions and production of documents. Also attach is a military status report (I've never served).

I've read so much info that I think I'm just confusing myself even more. Does anyone have any simple answers for me. Please help


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I've only finished the Answer portion of the Complaint. I have 50 days to finish the admissions and production of docs (which I don't have any of it) and don't know even where to start with those. Any pointers on where I can find sample answers to the 25 admission questions? I wish I could afford a lawyer but I can't. I called one in town and they want 1700.00 just to try and settle with the JDB. That's not even going to court.

Thanks again

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This link has some sample answers to admissions.

Thanks BV80! That helps a lot!! At least it's a start.

Chapel Hill - I plan on talking to another lawyer. To say the least I thought that lawyer was out of his mind. LOL I just need to get my paper work in by Monday to avoid a Default judgment.

Thanks again!

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You dont want the default so get your pleading filed. Try a google search in the corpus cristi area for collection defense. Run that same search in the metroplex. Lastly try that same search in Htown area. You shouldn't be quoted more than maybe $3500 limited jurisdiction start to finish with a bench trial. If you dont like their quote try negotiating a lower scope of work.

Once you got your revised answer filed get your discovery going. Look closely at the other cases filed by this law firm or attorney. Is there work any good? Who have they gone up against? You may find help just by contacting someone who has beaten them in the past or an attorney who thinks these bottomfeeders need to be beaten every at bat.

PM if you need additional help.

You just go an kick their a$$.

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