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Asset protection via IRA/bank levy danger

Guest Happybluesky

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Guest Happybluesky

I plan to deposit several thousand dollars into an IRA account at my local credit union. My immediate purpose is asset protection. Three related questions:

1. If there happened to be a bank levy, would those funds still make it into the IRA account, or could they be lost first?

2. Once in the IRA account, the funds would subsequently be transfered into an IRA trading account; again, is there an opportunity here for a creditor to interecpt my money.

3. For the initial deposit, at the credit union, would a cash deposit be safer than a cashiers check, and would a cahiers check be safer than a check that might take time to clear?

In the movies one would seduce an in-the-know banker to get these details, but our forum is a lot less trouble!

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