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What's next step in Capital One case

Guest 2seasons

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Guest 2seasons

I was summoned by a law office that a complaint was filed against me. I did not formally answer that complaint. I then appeared in court and was granted a 60 day continuance. A new court date has been set. I've read a lot about fighting creditors but want to know what I should do next. Should I ask for Discovery? And if so, how do I do that.

I also want to know what the law is regarding facing my accuser because the plaintiff didn't show up the first time but was suppose to be available by phone. (They obviously rely heavily on defendants not showing up and getting a default judgement.)

Additionally, the document from the court issuing the date to appear says "AFFDT & entry that is compliant with (08 OH 6055) must be in file before hrg date, note that all affdt's must be based on personal knowledge in accordance with OH law and rules. Non compliance may resut in a voidable judgement." What does this mean?

Help! :)++

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