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Help!!! Student loan in default not my fault!!!


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I found out that I was in Default of a Student Loan by pulling a Credit Report.

I called the company to be sure it was mine. The company said the last time I spoke to them was in 2008, and asked for a forebearance. I had not heard anything from this company and my address remained the same until December 2010. They said I became Defaulted in October of 2010.

I did receive some a pile of mysterious bills, about 15 at once, in late October/November.

All this time, I havn't heard from this company, I lived at the same address, and now I am being told that I am in Default.

Is there anything I can do to reverse this. I know they have not followed correct FDCPA practices. I have not been notified for over 2 years of the status of this bill.

What steps should I now take? They are calling my place of employment to establish a garnishment. I will do a validation and cease and desist, but what should I do after that.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider!!!


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What type of loans do you have? It sounds like you had found out about the loan for the first time in your life. What is the amount of the loan?

Many times a collector may use various verbal tactics to scare the debtor into begin making payments. Without a court order they cannot garnish your wages by simply contacting your employer.

Go to the HR, office and simply notify them of not releasing any information pertaining to your individuality. You've every right to request that, and your employer cannot proceed with wage garnishment without court order's or your written consent. Thus, your employer may not disclose any information about any employee without employees consent.

www dot student loans escape dot com

wrong wrong wrong!! Administrative wage garnishment is authorized by congress. It does not require a court order to garnish for federal student loans. An employer can be severely fined for not complying with the federal garnishment order.

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