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NEW midland Consumer Bill of Rights???

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Okay, so Encore, Midland, et al have recently put up their new Consumer Bill of Rights. I am assuming this is in response to the FTC fines, etc.


However, this is intersting.

Article 3: Forgiveness and Hardship Guidelines

a. We will cease collection activities when a consumer’s account is proven to be the result of identity theft, and will instruct credit reporting agencies to delete any references we have reported for the account from the consumer’s credit reports.

b. We will cease collection activities when we receive documentation indicating that the consumer’s only source of income is from exempt sources, such as Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits, and that the consumer has access to no other assets.

My only source of income is VA Disability, a federally exempt source of income. So they will CEASE COLLECTION ACTIVITES with documentation? WOW! xdancex

This would also include removing from my credit report, correct? FTC opinion letter already clarifies that reporting to the CRA's is a form of collection activity.

Any ideas on the best way to approach this? Midland has three accounts open on me, have never responded to any of my DV letters.

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Thanks Hal

I did finally send a letter to the CEO and their Ethics counsel, they received it yesterday. I also included a copy of my VA Certification of VA Disability for service-connected disability with 100% rating for unemployability. Awaiting their answer.

I have applied for SSDI, denied twice. They won't use the VA ratings or VA records, it's a real pain. Looking into getting an attorney for it.

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