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How to DV without CRA dispute


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Thanks to everyone for all of the great info. In a nutshell, I wanted to begin to mend my poor credit history, and here you all were! While gathering info here, I happened to get a letter from a collection agency claiming that I owe them nearly $4,000. Although my credit history is littered with Collections, all are under $500 except 2 that are still with OC's.

I want to send a DV letter but am confused about the beginning of the process. I am supposed to dispute the collection with CRA first, then DV the CA, if I am understanding correctly...But there is only an inquiry from this CA on my EXP CR, nothing on my Equifax, and on my TU, from what I was told over the phone, just an inquiry, as well. For some reason I can't seem to view my TU CR though I don't know why. Should I send a DV letter anyway? The CA is using typical tactics, "you can ask for verification of the debt and we will respond with the ver or a judgement" something similar to those words. Any ideas?

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