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Newbie w a question on Lexington Law


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Okay...i'm sure this has been discussed to death, but I'm not finding anything definitive so I feel like I have to ask this question. Have/are any of you using the services of Lexington Law? My feeling is that it is worth any amount of money to repair my credit score. I'm not interested in suing any collection agencies or anything like that. I just want my credit score back up. I'm sorry to bore you with such a mundane question but I just want to know...have any of you had any success/failures with Lexington? I know, I know...I can do it myself...but I really don't feel equipped to handle all of this. We're selling our house in Texas and moving to Connecticut for my husband's job and I'm afraid we'll never be able to buy another house because we have so many late pays, etc. Please help! Thank you so much....

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I used LL for me and my wife. Here is what I found out...If you go with the basic tier for 39 dollars they will only send dispute letters to the CRA's. That is it. If you go to the next tier, they will send DV letters and GW letters to OC and CA. They only dispute 3-5 TL's each month. You are much better off send your own disputes to the CRA's and read as much as you can for the 30-45 days it takes for them to finish the dispute process. then start sending your own DV letters and 623 letters. I stopped my LL after 4 months. They were way too slow IMHO. I have had a lot better success doing it myself. I know it looks like so much to learn. But it's really not so much once you send your first letter you'll realize how easy it really is These boards are great. Everyone here pretty much started in the same situation. And everyone is willing to help.

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Yes, I am with Lexington currently.

I am not sure there are not other agencies out there that will do well.

I have a friend who switched to another because they claimed

to work one on one with you.

But, as I was interested in switching he told me not to until he

gets results.

For myself, I am letting others do it because of the number

of accounts I have and the number that have been


I am using the top tier.... yes, it is a lot of money.

Of the 3 CRAs the number of negs differs.

I range from 19 negs to 23....

Since last July, Experian has not removed anything.

Equifax removed one.

But... Transunion has removed 12......

I just do not have the time to do it myself... Or maybe

I am too unsure, but until I get beyond sols I wont try

and that is another 24 months, from this month, and one

OC deliberately reaged 2 accounts and added 6 months

on to them, by claiming I made $10 payments that were

not made.

I do not want to challenge this at this point cause I

just want to let a sleeping dog lie.

Now, Lexington is my 2nd company... I was using

Alexin for a year before.... Lexington did do more for me.

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Personally, I would purchase the book advertised on this site...or a book (E-book) and other sites....

I did a pro se Bk7 with Bk book from NOLO and if credit repair was in my sights, I'd purchase a book.

I've never heard too much too good concerning the "help you get out of debt and/or credit repair" entities. but others may have different takes.



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I personally like Ovations Credit. I have gotten so much negative items removed from this company. I have been with them for over a year and have gotton 23 negative things removed.

Which tier did you select?

Is there a problem with the charge off end of things?

Or things sold to a JDB?

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