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How to ask for court orders in default judgment?

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I recently filed suit against a JDB and with only a couple days left to answer my complaint, it appears that they may be defaulting. I'm preparing my Default and Judgment forms and paperwork, and had a question regarding non-monetary awards.

My complaint not only asked for the usual monetary damages but also for "injunctive relief" in the form of a couple of court orders, for example, ordering the JDB to remove trade-line references they've reported to CRAs.

The judgment request form has a section after the monetary calculations for "Other", which is where I assume I'd list the court orders I'd like the court to issue. First question, I guess, is just verifying that the above is exactly what I need to do, right?

The second is: Do I include and submit the proposed Order with the default/judgment paperwork, or is that something that should wait until the default hearing? My familiarity with Court Orders is mostly limited to discovery orders, so I assume its basically the same process, right? I mean you file a Motion along with a proposed Order, etc. Or am I off base here?

Exactly what is the process for seeking a Court Order in conjunction with a Defendant's default?

Thanks in advance.

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Guest usctrojanalum

My guess would be you are going to need a separate hearing to get an injunction. Are the monetary damages you are seeking statutory?

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