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Keeping Original Docs Do I Need To Keep?

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I just purchased a scanner/organizer. Before I go scan/shred happy, I would like to know what kinds of document originals I need to keep.

I know anything with an official seal I would need the originals...birth certificates, deeds.

What other documents would be keepers.

Thanks in advance to any who take the time to respond.

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You can go online and see what documents you need to keep and how long. ;) It will state how long to keep documents such as income taxes, etc. I would keep all documents relating to any loans that are still open. If there were ones with balances, I would always keep my proof of payments. For credit cards, keep your credit card agreement as you never know if you may need to use it for arbitration purposes. :D Just a few things I thought about. Hope this helps! :)++

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