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Suing CRA and CA

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Hello All:

How do I go about suing both CRA and the CA? The CA refuses to validate the alleged debt and the CRA refuses to investigate their claim fully. I've sent several letters to the CA and got no response. I was more successful with Experian in terms of communication however, when I asked (in writing) how they validated the information being reported, they replied with a letter stating that "we received a letter that we believe did not come from you, as a result we are forwarding the request to our security and fraud department".

I was like huh? WTF are they talking about? I sent that letter. So I decided to call and finally got a representative on the phone. When I explained what type of letter I received from them, she was unable to explain why but offered that I put a freeze on my file for 6 months.

I said no thanks and asked if they could forward the letter they claim to be fraudulent and her answer was no because she did not have access to it.

So, I'm certain you guys can see where this is going. That being said, should I use the standard summons and complaint form for my state to sue both? And off the top, can anyone site a few cases that can be used in my complaint? Or should I just read through the Act and pick which section applies in this case? Or should I get an attorney? lol

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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