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JDB validated with CRA on dispute - changed dates?


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So I have been battling a JDB since December 2010 for an unkown account they claim is mine. This is the 4th JDB in the chain of ownership - NONE can validate it. They first contacted me via phone in Nov 2010, finally sent a dunning letter 1 month later. Filed immediate dispute with them on 12/18/2010, no answer, 2nd dispute letter sent one month later 1/24/2011, no answer. Credit report from Jan 2011 showed:

Collection Account

Date opened 11/1/2010

Account status: open

Payment status: collection account


Feb 2011 report shows

Collection account

Date Opened 11/18/2010

Account status: closed

Payment status: collection account


Disputed with CRA's end of February - not my account, unkown OC, account number and amount.

CRA's validated and now shows

Collection account

Date opened 6/2005 88-)

Account status: account charged-off

disputed by consumer (meets requirement of FCRA) Item verified and updated March 2011.

WTH? Can a JDB report an opened date 5 years before they stated they bought it? Can they charge-off an account? These guys are really peeving me off. Both Experian and TransUnion verfied it and show it updated.

What are my next steps here, ITS to all?

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I don't know what these guys are trying to pull. Only an OC can charge off an account. The JDB's reporting is inaccurate because they didn't charge it off.

If it were me, I'd send one more letter stating they have not proven the account is yours, nor have they proven ownership of the account and to remove their TL immediately. I'd give them one more chance before sending an ITS simply because, if it makes it to court, I'd want to show a judge I did my best to resolve the situation outside of the courts. You want to show that they are the ones who are being uncooperative.

When you disputed with them, did they send you any information at all?

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No, I have NEVER received anything in writing at all from the JDB. I received one dunning letter from an attorney/collection agency. I dv'd both of them twice, nothing.

I disputed with the CRA's once.

Do I dispute again with the CRA's or the JDB?

Both Experian and TransUnion verified it. Not reported to Equifax - never was.

Here's the whole background. OC is GE Capital (never heard of, never had an account with them). Was trying to buy a house in summer of 2009 - this account showed up on my CR and hubby had to single finance house. Pulled CR and found LVNV Funding bought the account 1/2008. NEVER received squat from them. So send DV in June 2009. Resurgent Capital Services (NOT LVNV Funding) sent some cockimamy typed 1 paragrapgh page, no letterhead, no name, signature nothing. Says owned by LVNV Funding you owe XXX. Next I sent a dv to Resurgent Capital Services disputing their little account stated. Then in July I get a letter from Weltman, Weinberg & Reis law firm. Again I DV them, not mine, etc. They respond that file is closed and being returned to LVNV Funding.

Fast forward to November 2010, get 4 consecutive calls from Standley & Associates Law Firm collecting for Paypal. Told to send in writing. Finally get notice in the mail in January 2011. Dispute to Standley & Associates Law Firm and their client GTF Services, who claim to have bought the debt from GE Capital-Paypal. Never had any credit/debit with paypal either.

Sent another dv in February 2011. Disputed with CRA's in February.

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Ok...since they haven't sent anything, I would go ahead and send one more letter stating something to the effect of what I wrote before. If you want to include FDCPA and FCRA law, you can. They should already know it, but that's up to you. If nothing happens, send an ITS.

Be sure and check your state laws on filing FDCPA suits, though. In my state, one must first file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs, and try to resolve the problem through them before filing an FDCPA suit in court. I don't know if other states have that law.

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