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RJM Aqq, LLC: See ya' later!


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So this is my first "successful" attempy at credit repair, and I must say it feels good! RJM Acq. showed up as a negative tradeline on my credit reports. I disputed and it came back verified with the CRA's. I then sent a validation letter to RJM asking for:

1. The name and contact information for the original creditor

2. An accounting of the alleged debt, including a history of all payments made on the alleged debt which includes date the last payment on the account was made.

3. A copy of the original contract with my signature stating that I agreed to the service provided

4. Proof that you are licensed and bonded to collect within the state of Texas

Guess what? They validated all but one thing: my signature or the original contract. I shot back immediately that in a court of law (I don't even know if this is accurate) they would be required to provide the original contract and proof of my SSN. And guess what??? She fired back with: "Thank you for your inquiry. Based on information provided, RJM has permanently closed this account. An update has been sent to all major credit bureaus that RJM reports to instructing them to have the RJM Acquisitions LLC tradeline deleted on the above referenced account. Please be advised that, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a credit reporting agency has up to 45 days to update any changes. We hope this information has assisted you in your inquiry and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Wow! And I did it all over email with an email address for one of the collectors I found using google! Thanks everyone for giving me the courage to do this!

Erin in Texas.

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I'm currently dealing with RJM as well. They verified a balance on a reported accounted I disputed AFTER I was discharged through CH7 BK. They also re-aged the 5 year old debt and reported it would fall off 2018.

I sent them a CMRRR along with a copy of my credit-report and demanded deletion of the TL from all credit-bureaus within 30 days or they would be sued by my BK-attorney for FCRA- and BK-law violations.

Let's see how they react.

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