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Is there an action against a law firm in this scenario?


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Richard J. Boudreau & Associates LLC has been calling me and has pulled my credit report.

Calls came from 781 404-4088 to my home.


1/16/11 soft pull of my credit report through experian

1/17/11 2:21 PM Blank voicemail

1/18/11 11:02 AM Missed call

1/18/11 12:25 PM Blank voicemail

1/19/11 1:10 PM Blank voicemail

1/19/11 hard pull of my credit report through experian

1/20/11 1:40 PM hung-up when I answered

1/27/11 10:59 AM Blank voicemail

1/28/11 8:43 AM missed call

2/10/11 4:06 PM I called them left message asking about why they ran my credit report.

2/11/11 8:15 AM hung-up when I answered

2/24/11 I sent a letter asking their permissible purpose for pulling my credit and disputing the debt.

2/28/11 I received proof of mail delivery.

3/24/11 Called and mailed (CMRR) experian to dispute the pulls

I’ve never been dunned. I don’t know which credit card this is about.

No 5 day disclosure

No identification when they called me.

When I called them there was a recording with the “debt collector” disclosure

No response from them regarding the 2 permissible pulls in experian in the last 4+ weeks.

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No, when did they contact the OP? OP never stated that he spoke to a representative of the law firm.
I sent them a certified letter that they signed for on 2/28/2011 thus starting the 5 day clock in my opinion. Whether they contact me or I contact them it is not an initial communication?
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Are they showing the debt as disputed on your cr?
The debt is not reported at all. They did a hard pull and a soft pull of my credit report.

I sent them a letter asking them

1. for their permissible purpose and

2. stating that if it concerned a debt that I hereby dispute it and asked them to validate it.

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