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Dispute OC's or Mail in disputes to CRA


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I would like to firstly say I love all the information I have learned from this website. It is very valuable information.

I made a lot of mistakes with credit cards in the past, but have charged off / settled all of my past debts. I have been current on all my loans and cc’s for 2.2 years now. My current credit scores are:

EX: 651

EQ: 610

TU: 638

I am trying to re-finance my auto loan but was not approved due to the number of past delinquencies on my credit report. I currently have around 6 CO’s and a few accounts with late payments. I had found some information about disputes before I discovered this website, and decided to do online disputes to try to reduce the amount of delinquent accounts on my credit report. After some research here I have discovered that I should have mailed in the requests. I received the disputes report back and they deleted 2 other items from my report, which is better than nothing, but only raised my credit score a few points. The CO’s were verified.

I do not know how I should proceed at this point. Here are my questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Should I wait 60 days and mail in disputes with different reasons for the disputes to the CRA’s? Or should I mail in disputes directly to the Original Creditors? Or perhaps Goodwill Letters?

I read about updating my personal information to the CRAs to show just my current information. Would it be better to dispute/update this information online before I mail in my disputes? Or should I include the updated personal information with new disputes I mail into them?

I have an account that says it was a charge off but in the comments section it says “Transferred to another lender or claim purchased” Does this mean it went to a CA or JDB? If so I would not be able to dispute the OC right? Can I dispute the CA that had handled the account? Is there a way to find the agency that handled it?

Any info would be great I am so close and really want to get my credit better.


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I think this is an example of repairing credit taking time. I would love to hit everyone at the beginning but there is a process. I just sent out my disputes to the CRAs, hit a JDB with a followup letter after they DVed and sent a letter off to a CA that has been dormant for a year and out of SOL but it is the only "collection" on my report. I also sent a BBB complaint against an OC because they screwed up in not processing the payment but according to their records it was a 30 day late so I question if a 623 will work.

Now there is nothing to do but wait.

Wait to see what happens with the dispute.

Wait to see if the JDB responds to my request for information.

Wait to see what the CA sends me back.

Then react to the responses.

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At the top of the page is a link for the "623 Dispute Method". It states you should dispute with the CRAs first, then the OCs. It also explains why. Just follow that method.

If you have already disputed them online you do not need to re-mail a dispute to them for the 623 method. You are sent proof of your disputes via a confirmation email from each CRA (Minus Transunion but they mail you the results of your online dispute and send you a verification email they have received your dispute).

If you need verification of the dispute being denied simply printout the conf number and go to the Experian and equifax and print off the results.

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I would never recommend disputing through a CRA, Now that the direct dispute process is law, I would dispute directly with the OC.


No CRA intervention or reinvestigation.

One dispute covers all three CRAs.

You avoid the sanitation of your reasons for dispute that occurs when you dispute with the CRAs, who use their e-Oscar process to condense your disptue to a code number.

You ensure that all relevant information is received by the OC.

You avoid the delays inevitable in the back-and-forth between the CRA and the credtior.

Be aware, however, that after disputing through a CRA, the OC can dismiss your direct dispute as being "frivolous or irrelevant" unless it includes new supporting information.

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