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Maryland Bankruptcy Costs

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The Maryland bankruptcy attorney's fees for an individual Chapter 7 bankruptcy case start at $1200. The filing fee required by the bankruptcy court is $299 Chapter 7 and $274 Chapter 13.

Can an individual can file a bankruptcy case without an attorney or "pro se". RE: Exemptions Will I be able to keep my property (car, house/mortgage, etc) if I file bankruptcy in Maryland?


Before you can file for bankruptcy, you must consult a nonprofit credit counseling agency. The purpose of this consultation is to see whether there is a feasible way to handle your debt load outside of bankruptcy, without adding to what you owe.

To qualify for bankruptcy relief, you must show that you received credit counseling from an agency approved by the U.S. trustee's office within the 180 day period before you filed.

Once you complete the counseling, the agency will give you a certificate showing that you participated. It will also give you a copy of any repayment plan you worked out with the agency.

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Can an individual can file a bankruptcy case without an attorney or "pro se".QUOTE]

If the Bk is rather straightforward (most are), then filers should always consider pro se as the first option. In my own county in 2010, over 4200 people filed pro se, this number up 81% over the previous year. Since the Bk structure is not to punish but to provide an opportunity for a fresh start, and to become a contributing financial member of the overall economy once again, pro se should not be feared but embraced. Upwards of 96 to 99 % of BKs are granted. That figure speaks volumes.

(Just an opinion stemming from personal experience and the experiences of three others who filed pro se successfully...)

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Maryland Bankruptcy Law & Information

Q: Are "WE" Eligible for Chapter 7 ?

The bankruptcy law determines your income by looking at your household

income during the six full calendar months before your bankruptcy filing.

Md Median Family Income - For a Family of Two - Average Monthly Income

$6,208 per month - 6 Month Total $37,247 - 12 month annualized $74,493

Current Monthly Income (CMI) is the monthly average of certain income that you (and in a joint case, your spouse) received in the six calendar months before your bankruptcy filing.

CMI includes:

(1) income from all sources, whether or not taxable, and

(2) any amount paid by an entity or person other than you (or your spouse in a joint case)

on a regular basis for your household expenses, your dependents, and (in a joint case) your spouse if not otherwise a dependent.

At the same time, the definition Excludes from the averaged income

"Benefits received under the Social Security Act"

Since our CMI/Gross Income is less than the above totals - We are not

legally required to complete means test form, but may want to anyway.

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You are legally required to complete the means test form. However, if your income is below the applicable state median income, then you do not have to complete the form beyond line 15.

If your case if filed without a form 22, it will be deemed incomplete and you will likely receive a notice informing you of the trustee's motion for dismissal.



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