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Hi all,

I wanted to ask for some advice on how to properly proceed with a situation I have:

I had a checking, savings, and credit card account with a credit union a while back. About six years ago I was at the pinnacle of my financial mess and closed the checking account because my direct deposit went to that account and did not want to be "forced" to make payments on the credit card I could not meet. I was unable to close the savings account ($5 minimum) because they said I had an outstanding balance on the credit card. Needless to say, I fell behind and could not keep up with the payments.

I recently called the credit union (OC) to ask for information about the account on my credit report and they said it was with a CA (who hasn't sent a request for payment at all). The last payment I made to the card was on 12/2004 and in Illinois this account should be out of SOL. To my surprise the OC said the last payment on the account was on 08/2008! What the OC did was take the sixteen cents interest in the savings account and applied it to the credit card account! To make things interesting they say the account was charged off on 07/2008, before the interest was applied. Is this an example of re-aging? What should my next step be? Thank you.

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Why did you repost this? You asked this exact question yesterday in a different sub-forum.

I actually recommended he re-post it here as it was more likely to get seen by someone who knows the law and he might get a better answer here than in the other forum. At the time that I recommended he repost here the only answer he had received was spam from some guy trying to get him to file for BK through the spammer guy's law firm..

If the mods have a problem with reposting his question in the correct forum I assume they can easily delete the one in the other forum.

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