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Being Sued by HJ Ventures and it seems odd

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I am being sued by HJ Ventures...mediation is next week. It just seems a little odd. Two bills of sales without my name on it same guy signed both but the signatures dont look anything alike. They added my husband to the suit eventhough he was not an authorized user and the debt was mostly pre marital. They sent copies of statements but just random ones. I have read some of the threads but I didn't see an outcome against HJ Ventures. They have sent me the same that they had sent others an affidavit form someone named Bradley Klein of HJ Ventures. I looked up HJ Ventures in Maricopa County Superior Court...tons of cases of them sueing people. They have won all that I looked at, is that because no one defended? What exactly is a mediation? Do I bring up that the BOS are BS because my info is not on it? Do I bring up anything at all?

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Guest usctrojanalum

Typical JDB stuff right here, assert your defenses and I think you can be successful against them. Tell them the affidavit of HJV employee is hearsay because he was not employed by the OC and therefore cannot testify to the original balance due and owing. I agree with you that their bill of sale is bogus if it does not list your account individually but just states a pool of accounts.

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Thank you

Also, at the same time, I am being contacted by Northstar Location Services...they say they own the debt, that they are THE debt collector for Chase.

The fact that you are being pursued by more than one party on the alleged debt could be good for you. It could call into question who the real party in interest is. If you are being pursued by 2 or 3 different companies on the same debt (even one that is rightfully yours) you'd be foolish to pay anyone until you cold sort out who TRULY owns it. I wouldn't be shy in pointing that out to the court after you've had time to sort things out and make sure you have all details correct and that everyone is pursuing you for the SAME debt.

Northstar Location Services is claiming THEY are debt collectors for CHASE and not for HJV? I'm assuming then that Chase was the alleged OC and they sold it to HJV? I'd pull a copy of my credit report to see what it says (assuming this is your debt) and see if it shows as being sold to anyone.

Also is it possible "Northstar Location Services" is not so much a debt collector as much as they are someone hired by HJV and/or Chase at some point in the past to locate you? I know a lot of these companies hire skip tracers to try to hunt down people they think are trying to skip out of a debt by moving and falling off the grid. Just curious because the name would definitely to seem to imply some sort of skip tracing service. I'm not sure why they would claim to own the debt etc. if they are just skip tracers though

I'd definitely be keeping and reviewing any and all paperwork you receive related to debt collection attempts of this alleged debt.

I'm not sure but I think continuing to collect a debt is pretty odd AFTER a company files suit. Usually once it's in court they've long given up calling or writing to ask for money. Aside from asking you to settle if you fight back that is.

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