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Old Judgment no action taken on I am trying to settle now.

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Guest tiffjust2002


I am seeking advice, this post may be long winded but I want to give all the details. So me and my husband were trying to get pre approved for a home loan (first time buyers) and it came back that my husband has a judgment on his Equifax credit report for $10,142.00 so I went on the court website and pulled the information it is from a car loan and a credit card issued by the same credit union. The last time he made a payment was in 04/2001 the judgment was filed in 05/2003 and was issued a default judgment on 01/2004 because my husband didn't go to court. We weren't married until 04/2007. Anyway there has been no attempts to collect on this debt/judgment no contact from the Attorney or the creditor. So my questions are how should go about resolving this debt? The actual balance owed if $7,040.00 but with the fees and interest it is $10,142.00 we need to get the jugment removed from his credit so we can qualify for a home loan that is the only thing holding us up. My fear is if we contact the Attorney for the creditor by certified letter of course and offer a settlement they will not accept it and then we will be stuck. We really can't afford to pay the entire balance off and was looking and hoping to settle for less. So would should I do? What should I offer? Are there any sample letters I could use to send to the Attorney? Should I request the orignial auto contract from the Attorney? (my husband doesn't have it anymore) And the statement from the credit card as well?


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