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Letter From OC


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In the effort to repair my credit there were some items I disputed on.

HSBC was one of them. HSBC recently replied to my online dispute via letter yesterday.

Bascially they told me my charge off account has been sold and gave the date, (no amount) and to whom (MCM)... which I knew, but wanted verification.

I did receive another dunning letter from MCM regarding this debt, if to pay early and get a % off blah blah.

I am willing to settle BUT not for what MCM wants.

It's within SOL.

Should I send a follow up letter (PFD/settlement) and start at 25% on $800 debt? or should start at a lesser %?

Had anyone had any good results with any settlements with MCM?

What do you think?


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IF you want to settle for PFD why not offer em 25%? What does it hurt to atleast try? If they say no increase your offer a little in your follow up/counter proposal. I would recommend that in your offer you don't use verbage like "my account" or make any claim to it being yours. Refer to it as "account in question" "alleged debt" or just "account number 123456789".

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