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ATTACK AND DEFEND: Answering a Lawsuit

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Hi everyone!

Earlier I had an idea of trying to start a series of threats, called "ATTACK AND DEFEND", each dedicated to various parts of credit card suits, such as contracts, Bills of Sale, debt ownership, Statute of Limitations, etc., but ONLY ONE PART PER THREAT!!!. In each threat you can point out any specific defenses and objections, hopefully supported by any specific law and/or case citing, so we can all have a good collection of defenses and, hopefully, a little more organized way of preparing for each separate part of a lawsuit. Hopefully the site admins wouldn't mind me doing this :):)++ I don't know if this is going to fly, but wanted to give it a try anyways, so here we go - this threat is dedicated to:


Let's see what we have in our ammunition to fight these low-life-junk-cracker-heads! 8-) If you have a good defense idea or a specific law to point out, please go ahead and let us all know about it here. But also, please don't post anything that is NOT RELATED to this subject! Thanks everyone!

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Yes I did mean "thread", thank you for correcting me. But in this thread I wanted to talk specifically about pointing out good ways to answer a lawsuit and not talk about a Bill of Sale or affidavits - those would my subjects to other threads in "ATTACK and DEFEND" series.

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