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Transferred SLs Help!!


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I took out two loans with Sallie Mae.

I never paid anything on either one.

One Sallie Mae loan says "Charge-Off" and is scheduled to be removed in Nov. 2011.

The other shows as "Pays as Agreed" with a $0 balance and has a last activity date of 2/2006. Date of last payment 12/2004...

but I never paid anything on it. It has a ton of lates on there and I would like to get this one removed. Since it says "Pays as Agreed" it will stay on there longer (10 years) than if it said "Charge-off" anything other than "Pays as Agreed"

Is this right?

The loan was sold to National Student Loan at some point. This cant be fair to sell it to another lender and report it as "Pays as Agreed" to keep it on my credit report! If it didnt it would go off in December 2011..only a few months away.

What do I do?

I have another simple question but I will start a new thread for that one to keep the issue seperate.

Thanks to anybody who can help :)

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On second thought..my other question is the same catagory lol..

Say you have two loans with National Student Loan that are in default.

Say you consolidate & now have your two loans with Direct Loans.

When do the previous loans go off your credit? Do the lenders report them as "Paid" and I am stuck with them for 7 years from today because there was activity on the account?

Or does it say "tranferred" or "Sold" or something like that?

I sure hope they dont list them as paid or dont update them at all...because the DOFD is 2/2006 on both and 2/2013 is a lot better than 7 years from today :(

Has anyone had any success removing a paid student loan?

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