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Negaitve Reporting during Chapter 13 Repayment Plan

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We are 3.5 years in to a 5 year repayment plan. I have a creditor (credit union) that is receiving a portion of their claim via the trustee per the confirmed plan. That same creditor is reporting to the CRAs that the account's current status is "Bad debt/collection." in addition, the Balance is showing as $30k, the original balance of the account. But, the kicker is, it is showing about 3.5 years of late payments (+90 days late) with a scheduled payment of $442.

My questions are:

By reporting the account as BadDebt/Collection with late payments - is this considered an action to collect debt? If so, wouldn't that be a violation of the automatic stay?

Also, since they haven't updated the balance and payment information, are they knowingly reporting inaccurate information to the CRAs? Would this violate my rights under the FCRA?

To be clear, the bankruptcy has not been discharged. We are within the 5 year repayment period. How exactly should these tradelines read during this period?

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