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fdcpa case law

Guest horsemom

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Guest horsemom


can someone tell me where to find the case law about how the fdcpa defines "any debt" - am working on a motion to dismiss & it needs to go in the mail today

also where the case law for fact that the law does not require the plaintiff to "state a claim" & where a president of a company is responsible for the actions of its employees

I filed a case in first district court in nh against a debt collector lawyer and her boss an insurance company for the unfair collection practices - she sued me and got judgement - I have never received any communications from them - I sent them letters in may 2007, oct 2007 & never heard anything - I was handed a "computerized estimate for repairs" to a vehicle that I was involved in a car accident 3/24 07

I fouund l0 violations of the fdcpa & their lawyers are tyring to get it

dismissed thanks

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