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Having Trouble w/ Initial DV Letter :(

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Hi, guys! xcoffx

I am trying to get some letters off today to fight off the only adverse account I have on my credit! I found and am trying to follow the Debt Validation Technique. :boxing:

I used the sample letter found here:

Sample Letter 9 - Requesting a Collection Agency to Validate a Debt

I changed the beginning as I'm writing in response to actually pulling my report online, but then ran into a snag a few paragraphs in as it states that if they have reported this to the 3 credit bureau's I will take legal action, however, I clearly say in the beginning that I already KNOW they have reported it. xThudx

Should I just take that part out or...? :hmmmmm:

The debt is from a public library where I was the victim of identity theft before, and I never received a letter on this new debt from the library OR collection agency.

Any help is REALLY appreciated!

-Day :):BadDay:

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