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I guess Portfolio found my number again...lol


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So the past three days I have recieved a call from the idiots at Portfolio Recovery. Three different numbers came up and after research online found it was Portfolio, I did not anwser the phone and of course their robo-dialer didn't leave a message.

So my reason for posting is to ask, do these people have any method to their madness or are they just so stupid and disorganized that they just rise from the dead for no reason. It has been at least a year in a half since I got a call from them. In the meantime they filed a lawsuit against me, which I anwsered. Since my anwser in January, I have not heard anything back from them, this was even after sending off discovery (that was done about a month ago).

Very surprised that they would start calling me when they have a suit filed against me, my guess is the idiot I would speak with on the phone if I chose to anwser probably would have no knowledge of the suit.

The account they allege to be mine has been with Eskanos and Adler,Mann Bracken, and another "lawyer" firm, that was before E and A, I am not certain if Portfolio tapped them to collect or bought the account from them after they got it from the original creditor.

I am just laughing it off to be honest, I remember gaps where months elapsed in between calls but not a year and a half, I mean do they lose track of numbers or something and then magically find them again....total idiots.

I assume if someone was calling me about the suit that they would be from the lawyer's office and they would leave a message, or they would do it in writing. I am not going to anwser, but I almost want to just to see if the numbskull who anwsers has the ignorance to do something like threaten me with a lawsuit when they have in fact already filed one that they have let sit there for 6 months. I always have read it is bad to anwser the calls so I will hold off on that though.

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oh trust me I know what you are dealing with too well.. Several years back they claimed I had a debt, this was about the time they were sued (biggest collection settlement for a collection company at the time by the AG in PA, where they were practicing their art.

I got a letter for a debt that was WAY past the SOL (in NC it is three years) it was also so jacked up the amount was laughable... they put a ding on the credit report then I got a formal letter from a guy named "Raul" who proceeded to spell out a payment plan that I agreed too (wow I must have been in a coma when that happened) I never even spoke to them and sent them a C&D once.. with no response.. but I tired of them.sssooooooo

I reported them to the AG in PA since they are such fans of these idiots and i was able to do it online so it didn't take long, a few weeks later I got an APOLOGY letter from their legal department and they said they were removing all negative info from my credit report (they did).. it was hysterical.. I guess they didn't want the AG on them again.. I heard a few months later they moved some of the call centers OUT of PA.. I can't imagine why.. idiots.. and yes to answer your question, they are certified boneheads.

SO if it continues.. go to the website for the AG in PA.. they are more then happy to fine them again.

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