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Rules of Civil Procedure

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Hi all

After reading some posts I kept seeing "find out what your rules of civil procedures are" Ok, so I decided to pulled and print the Rules of Civil Procedures in my state.

Good Grief, I didn't know it was novel! :!:

But it's good to have if the time comes. I just need to understand all this?!

Good day to all

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yep they are the rules of the game you will be playing, there are some sectoins more important at first to understand when you are starting out

It takes most people between 5 and 7 days to fully incorporate a new concept, so I would suggest to anyone that you read the whole thing through once a week and hit the sections you need to deal with immediately as you need to.

There is a point where it starts to make sense, I also read through as many cases as I could find online and when I found words or phrases I had not seen and references to the civil rules I looked them up and compared to the cases

I think its as important to read cases where the defendant lost as much as when they won,

Each time you read it throug it makes more sense and you become more familiar with it, the more comfortable you become with it the less chance the opposing attorney can shake you up or slip something by you

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