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Zakheim telephonic appearance notice - no case number etc

Guest Caglehead

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Guest Caglehead

I did a search over the weekend for a document I received from Zakheim and discovered this site. I continued reading through the intial posting from JohnnyG and eventually got into this arbitration area as it piqued my interest. I too received in the mail a Motion to Permit Telephonic Appearance at Pre-Trial Conference, however there is no date of Court, no case number, and it's stamped "COPY" in red at the bottom. I have checked online and see nothing in my local courts. I have not been served. I'm in FL and in a small town, which concerns me when it comes to going before a judge here and their (probably limited) knowledge related to these issues.

I believe from reading that my best option is to DV and include my right to invoke arbitration and send them the form from JAMS with my part filled out.

I just want to make sure I'm not missing something before I send this CMRRR.

The OC is Cap1 and there has not been a payment made since approx August 2008. I had two cards and they each were less than $3000.


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