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Need to refi auto loan w/ poor credit but great payment history?

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I am looking to refi my auto loan (possibly husband's auto loan as well) for 2 reasons. 1) the interest rate is horrible (17.50%) - at the time I had to have a vehicle and that was the best I could get. 2) I am having major customer service issues with the loan company (Fireside Bank) and no longer wish to do doing business with them.

The problem is that my credit score is still not great (working on it but still needs repair) and I am currently unemployed but we still bring in plenty of money ($53,000). Plus side - I have 3 yrs of perfect payment history on 2 auto loans.

Can anyone suggest some loan companies for me to refi with given the above circumstances?

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I would try a possible credit union, though they usually want to build a "relationship" with you - money in your account: both savings and checking.

As of now, my credit union is currently running an auto refinance/finance for 2.65% (of course based on your credit score).

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