Sending payment for settlement

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If I settled my debt with a creditor for a fraction of the total and send them the money order for the negotiated amount, what do I do to ensure they don't just cash the money order and continue to try to get me to pay the full amount? Is there a document I should send them and have them sign or do I write "paid in full" on the money order?

Thank you, Brandon

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Get a letter stating they will accept the settlement for the amount and if they will report it as paid in full or settled.

Save the money order receipt. All of the MO's I get have a small tab attacthed that you tear off for my records.

Mail it certified mail with return receipt. I always include a copy of their original settlement letter so the receiving person knows what it's for.

You'll have enough proof that it was paid. If they try to continue to collect send them copies of you're receipts and a copy of the return receipt.

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