free verbal advice? anyone?

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I'm going blind from reading about this credit stuff for two weeks. I'm so stressed out, i havn't slept, not eating, and have i mentioned that i havn't started this process yet? i'm very organized and motivated to do this, but my problem is that i'm worrying about making a mistake on where i should start. I have seriously spent 80 hours in the last week researching. I'm getting alot of answers i was looking for but when i find it, its just not precise enough. I am against paying for this stuff if i can do it myself. Problem is, i don't know if i really want to do this myself. There has to be SOMEONE i can sit down with and review my report and them suggest how I can repair what on my own vs them trying to convince me to pay them to do it for me.

Everytime i start a thread with a question, i end up canceling because it gets too complicated.

My main problem is that once my question is answered, then i will have a question for the response. I'm not a patient person and don't wanna wait for an answer. It will take me months to get started. I was soooo close to start this last week and after reading this thread, im so glad i didnt, because i would have went backwards and lost my chances at fixing my credit.


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PNC colecting for an old National Citi account ....PAID. Please help


I'v had this account with National Citi 5 years ago and it went to a CA. I'v setteled with the CA and for the last 2 years i'm trying to have'it removed.

I got the all the negative items removed from Equifax and Experian but not from Trans Union.

Now...............after all this efort, Credit Colection Service send's me a letter that they r collecting for PNC and that the creditor has listed my deliquent payment with a Credit Beaureau(S).

Please help me.............maybee i can use this in my advantage...........suimg them and make them remove everything

Please tell me what to do and how to do'it.

Thank You.

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SO let me get this right.. You're not a patient person and don't wanna wait for answers to your questions so you want someone to get your report for you and either tell you step by step what to do with each item on there or just go ahead and do it for you.. and You want someone to spend hours of their time doing it for you for FREE?

Umm... yeah, I want something similar. See I'm not a patient person either and I'd like one of you guys to build me a home. I don't want to take the time to learn how to build it or spend any money to have someone teach me so if you could just come do it for me, and at no cost, that would be great..

Look "Princess", none of us mind answering questions for people or helping people but it's ridiculous to think that we're just going to do everything for you because you're impatient and don't want to take the time to learn. You can ask some specific questions and we'll help you and even answer your follow questions but don't expect everyone to just do it all for you.

Oh.. and btw, We ALL have spent atleast 80+ hours reading and learning this stuff. That's part of the process...

The sense of entitlement from some people never ceases to amaze me...

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