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Q: Credit Report Account Review Inquires

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Received a copy of my credit report

In the report are the following topics

Regular Inquires

The following companies have received your credit report.

Their inquiries remain on your credit report for two years.

Inquiry Analysis

The companies that request you credit report must

first provide certain information about you.

Within the past 90 days, companies that requested

your report provide the following information.

Name and Address

Account Review Inquires

The companies listed below obtained information from your consumer report

for the purpose of an account review or other business transaction with you.

These inquires are not displayed to anyone but you and will not affect any

creditor`s decision or any credit score (except insurance companies

may have access to other insurance company inquires and users of a report

for employment purposes may have access to other employment inquires,

where permitted by law).

Most of the Inquiries are from companies I have never heard

Ex: Credigy - Gryphon - Factact - Frontline - Tu Interactive

Is there a way to stop unauthorized companies,

etc. from getting or viewing my credit report?

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You can lock your credit reports so that no one can access them.

The problem with this is when you go to get credit someplace, ie a car loan, house loan, maybe a new appliance loan, etc... They will not be able to verify credit.

You can do this through each of the big three or use a third party company to do it.

I think lifeline is one of those companies that provides this type of lock down service.

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