AWL Sourcing, and NCO

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Well its been a while since I have been here. Glad to see the forums are up and running, and helping everyone out.

Before I forget Thanks to all of you over the years that have sent me PM;'s on my Sticky for Newbies.


So here is my question. I started getting calls to my company from ALW Sourcing, LLC. The staff has been sending them to generic VM or they call after hours and the phone system sends it to VM.

For yucks I contacted them the other days on the 888-379-4884 number they keep leaving.

As a seasoned Credit Repair Guru now, I explained to them that I was calling from the legal department of the company and trying to determine who they were trying to contact. When they gave my name, (I had used a alias to reference the call) I just simply asked them for there address, and that was the end of the call.

So I did a little research on the net and there seems to be a lot of reference to AWL being affiliated with NCO in some form, what I can't seem to find is a definitive connection.

Why would I want this you ask? Well if I can find a definitive connection I am going to sue them in court, because I have a hand full of FOAD letters to NCO over the years, and love suing them in court for violations.

If anyone can point me to this info I would appreciate it, and all post back the results so everyone else can enjoy some extra cash during these economic hard times.


Mad Monkey

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It appears they are run by former employees of NCO Group...they are a Maryland LLC formed in 2006.

Address is:

595 Montevideo Road Suite 110

Jessup, MD 20794

ALW Sourcing

I had figured that out, based on researching the net. Many of the net comments I found, either on complaint web sights, BBB, etc. claimed they are one and the same, maybe a couple of names removed. I am just trying find that one connection.

Seriously if you look at an NCO correspondence they have up to 15 different affiliate names.

I am hoping to find a direct connection so I can go after them legally. I have enough NCO FOAD letters to create a serious windfall of money.

Thanks for your input though.

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