TrueCredit is not what it used to be

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Just heads up to those of you that subscribe to

I have been using them for years and unfortunately have recommended them to many.

I found out today, by surprise that I have not been notified of Regular Inquiries, (hard pulls) that have taken place on my TransUnion report.

(NOTE: TransUnion and Truecredit are the same company)

For example I had a hard pull from a company that I don't know who they are back in February, 2011. When I reviewed my notifications from it shows that there were no changes to my account, specifically "no inquires". The company that did the hard pull is a collection agency, based on what I could find on the net. I have not applied for any credit this year so I know its not a legit pull.

As I type this I am on hold for the third time, as I constantly get disconnected because no one with them. However if any of you need the direct number for TrueCredit here it is.


All post back later with the outcome. I just wanted everyone to be aware of the issue and if anyone else can chime in about there experience please do.

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TC pretty much sux now. there are much better options that also allow daily pulls as TC used to do.

Raysway, can you post some of them. I would be interested in looking at them.

Just got of the phone with TC and they ended up giving a couple more months free.

Plus they admitted they have a technical clitch. (almost fell out of my chair laughing) that they created a trouble ticket on.

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I primarily use USAA's Credit Check Monitoring. you have to sign up with USAA but sign up is free and the monitoring is 12.95/mo. you do not have to have military affiliation to join.

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