Hard Pull after the SOL question.

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Got some calls the last week from a collection agency to my office. Basically my staff dumps these calls into a generic VM account for all unsolicited calls we get. (The VM announcement for this one box is incredibly long, annoying, with pauses music, static, etc..) its our little way of saying FOAD.

I was curious who this company was so we called them from our legal department and had them disclose the name of the person they were trying to reach. Turns out it was me. LOL. The debts I allegedly had have all reached there SOL, and I mean by anywhere from 8-14 years ago.

So I figured it would be a good idea to pull my credit report and make sure everything looked good.

Well, I was stunned to find that I had a hard pull by a company called Universal Data Services a few months back, (not the same company that just called us)

That took me for a loop because I did not apply for any personal credit this year. Further investigation showed that this company is some type of debt collection agency and I have received no correspondence in the mail from them.

I was talking with TU about another matter on my report today and brought up this hard pull that I wanted to dispute. They said they would not dispute it, that I had to contact the company directly. Odd, that's not how it used to work for me. Has the game changed?

Anyways, I am thinking this is another Zombie Debt Collector that wanted to leave a present for me on my credit report.

What I am asking however is what would be a good approach to attack this head on.

Clearly if they are referencing old debt the SOL has long passed. I would have expected a soft pull not a hard pull?

What's everyones thought on going after this. I would like to see the legal angle explored because I love taking these idiots to court.



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Unless you live in WI or MO, SOL doesn't make the debt go away. You might be able to sue them for "prove to me I've had a credit relationship with you people", because its unlikely they have anything more than your name on a list, but I'd just send then a FOAD letter.

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You should still have the right to place a dispute against any incorrect information in the CR. However, technically, if UDS actually did a pull, placing a statement that they actually did a pull is not incorrect. Send your dispute to TU as a dispute to be added to your record that "UDS was never authorized to pull this CR and I have no business relation or accounts with UDS. This appears to be ID theft".

You might try the ID theft angle on them. It could be ID theft, such as someone got your SSN and/or name+address. Send them a firmly worded letter (via CMRRR of course) demanding they send you a complete record of everything, "including all media files", so that you can file a police report regarding ID theft. Say scary words like "failure to do so will be treated as interfering with an investigation". Be sure to mention that it is was discovered that they were involved in this matter via a CR TL item they placed with TU.

If you currently have an attorney, have the attorney send this on letterhead (to give that same "yeah, maybe someone might sue" feeling that CAs love to scare people with).

Pull your report again after a while and see if they remove. If not, you appear to have your opportunity. Let us know when you will be executing judgment.

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