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10 Things You Should Not Keep in Your Wallet

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I saw someone carrying around their SS card of all things in their wallet the other day. Not a good thing if he lost his wallet! So when I saw this article it reminded me of him and just decided to post it.

what-not-keep-in-wallet-foxbiz: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

"What you keep in your wallet will determine how at risk you are for identity theft in the chance you lose it. Here are 10 items experts suggest keeping at home."

10 Things You Should Not Keep in Your Wallet

1. Social Security Card

2. Your Passport

3. Passwords/Pass codes

4. A Non-Password Protected Phone

5. Your Checkbook

6. Too Many Credit Cards

7. Too Much Cash

8. Gift Cards/Certificates

9. Jewelry or USB Devices

10. Receipts

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