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FaceBook sucks!!!


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Well I have been getting into FaceBook.

I think it sucks, here are some of the things it lacks are are bad.

1. When you hit the Back buttion you don't return to where you were at.

2. It's slow

3. The same posts/links don't always come up on your home page

4. It's difficult to list your Friends, so you jump to their sites


IT DOESN'T HAVE A PERSONAL FAVORITS LINKS SECTION: It would be nice to have you fav links everytime you log into FACEBOOK. Sometime you are on different computers thro the day. You need access to your favorite links from different computers. I have a different set of FAVS on all my computers.

I really would like to suggest that FACEBOOK get a favs place, how could I do that?

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How can you say FB sucks? Seriously, You don't think it's great that you can instantly know when some guy you haven't talked to in 12 years is having coffee at 2 am? Or some hot girl that ignored you all through high school 20 years ago suddenly requests to add you to her list of 20,000 of her closest friends? Or your cousin in Boise ate something that didn't agree with her and has had bad gas all night long?

I really don't know how I've managed to get through 46 years of my life without all of this information.

Thank GOD for Facebook!


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This ought to make for some interesting divorce cases.8]

The Intercept: A List of Creepy Things Facebook Will Remember Forever


A List of Creepy Things Facebook Will Remember Forever


Delete all you want, but Facebook never forgets. At least when it comes to your defriendings, pokes, and RSVPS, it doesn't. And it also has a keen memory for what computers you've used, and who you were sharing those computers with. Your Facebook dossier can easily run to hundreds of pages, as some European citizens have learned.

Across the pond, where regulators have teeth and where corporations don't get to rewrite the legal definition of "privacy," citizens can force Facebook to send them a dossier of everything it knows about them. Two anonymous Europeans have shared their database dumps publicly, Forbes reports. One of them ran to 880 pages.

For a user who joined the site in 2007, dubbed "LB" by Forbes, Facebook's data included the following:

Records of all friend requests LB rejected.

Records of the 12+ friends LB has unfriended over the years.

A list of devices from which LB logged in to Facebook, plus a list of other users on those machines. Meaning Facebook knows who spent the night at your place last night.

Records of more than 50 incoming "pokes" since 2008, including most often by a friend named "T.V."

Some 75 event invites, along with 38 RSVPs.

A history of messages and chats.

Facebook really does have us all by the nuts. Which is why it's comforting that the company routinely acts in the best interest of its users and their privacy, even when it means sacrificing revenue. Yay Facebook!

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I switched over to the new Timeline profile. I admit, I like it. Much better than the latest update...but it's not like making that change does anything for how the interface works. Only how it appears to others.

What's really frightening to me is the article that came out today about Facebook tracking you, even beyond when you've logged out!

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