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I have received a summons never been sued plaese help!

Guest mariah7

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Guest mariah7

Being Sued by midland funding from a debt they took from my original creditor ... is there a special form i have to fill out to respond or can i just type and mail it?

whats the paragraph on the summons?

how do i answer this?

I have never been sued so i am totally confused...

i am in michigan by the way...

1. This cause of action arose whithin the jurisdiction of this court in the county of...

2 plantiff's midland funding llc predecessor in interest is ....

3 plantiff assignor allowed defendant to charge goods and services on open account and upon defedants promise to pay for same.

4 plantiff's assignor sent statements on account number ... to the defendent who did not dispute the charges or object within a reasonable time.

5 defendant has not paid the balance owing on the account despite plantiff and plantiff's assignor demands for payment

6 defendant's failure to pay has resulted in default on the account

7 plantiff's assignor has completed performance and rendered an account stated; affidavit attached

8 defendant is now justly indebted to plantiff over and above all legal counter claims in the amount of....

plantiff requests that this coourt enter judgement against defendant in the amount of ... plus interest, cost and attorney fees.



Attorney to Plantiff



my name



__________________________________________________ _

The DEFENDANT, my name answers the complaint of the plaintiff, midland funding llc, in this action as follows;

1. The defendant affirms jurisdiction are proper in this court and county

2. The defendant denies

3. The defendant denies

4. The Defendant deniies

5. The defendant denies

6. The Defendant denies

7. The Defendant files to motion affidavit as hearsay

8. The defendant denies

Be gentle with me as this is my first time...is this right is this the jist of it?

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