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Can I still negotiate with CA after making payments?


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Last year, before I had learned the recommended techniques for handling collections agencies, I started making monthly payments to a collection agency to show that while I couldn't meet their demands, I did want to own up to my debt and pay it off.

The debt in question is a tuition bill from Spring 2008, where my work schedule changed such that it conflicted with my class schedule. I had to drop the class well past the date where you get any kind of tuition refund.

I've been paying them around $200/month for 10 months, and the balance is down to ~$1500. They send me monthly "statements" that show the remaining balance along with a disclaimer to the effect of "we do not have a settlement agreement with your but we'll accept your payments" While I'm in a position to write them a check for the balance, I'd rather negotiate a lower settlement amount.

Can you still negotiate with Collection Agencies after having made payments?

If so, I'll send them a pay for delete offer letter.

What else should I do...stop paying them until we reach a settlement agreement?

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