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Thank You, Sooooo…Much!!!


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and I couldn’t be more sincere…..when starting out here, my score was literally in the high 400’s (which in the grand realm of things yields nothing in the credit world….but perhaps a smile and a bottom of the pile). Since finding this site, and following the guidance a lot of you have provided, I found a way to begin the process of using my first premier’s, and total card responsibly, getting some late’s, collections, etc, etc, removed and as of last week getting approved for an apple card, an amex blue cash, a discover, and a citi…all with lines that I am very comfortable with……. chase approval is pending (so I’m told)

capitol one, denied me right out of the gate…..due to either them not forgiving me for past, or because I have a fraud alert on my reports…either way I am okay with it…..i’m not going out celebrating my success, (no need….have to take the approach that if I don’t have a way to pay for it at the end of the month, then chances are I don’t need it or it can wait). So here I am 4 years later, with a score of 717 (and quite honestly…coming from where I’ve been, I am happy) .

Thanks Again,


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It's one hell of a feeling knowing you have good credit. For years I expected to be denied for anything and everything. I avoided anything that required good credit because i knew all of the medical collections I had on my credit report and a few late pays were going to make me be denied.

Recently my wife and I refinanced our automobile and the loan officer came back from the printer with their copy of our credit reports and sat down and said you both have good credit and everything looks good so we won't have any problems approving your application.

I literally went from low middle 400's to a 686 fico in six months. I never would have been able to do something like that without all the knowledge I gained from this and one other website.

I learned so much about how credit works and how credit scoring works. They should have a mandatory class in high school that teaches kids about credit scores and how late pays and debt to credit ratio and debt management and over extending effects your ability to qualify for credit.

Anyway, I guess I'm just saying I know how you feel right now because I've had some very positive outcomes from repairing my credit and it feels amazing to get approved.

Having bad credit in the past makes you feel bad and makes you expect denial/failure everytime.. And Even though I know what my all my fico scores are before I apply for credit I still have that expectation that the salesman is going to come back to me and tell me sorry nothing they can do to get me financed... And when they smile and say everything looks good it kinda feels like I won a prize.

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