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Two tax liens EQ will not remove


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I had a business back in 2002 2004 I was activated in 2005 and went to Iraq again. While I was gone the state i live in hit me for sales tax liens. I called them in 2007 when I found out about them. I filed to proper paper work and the liens were dismissed. I was told that the state does not dismissed or vacated only released. They did admit the liens were reported in error because I did file with the state that i was being activated. But even so they will only show the lien released.

A released lien still has negative effect on credit scores I would like to get it deleted some hoe.

I tried back in 2008 but eq said they verified and it shows on my report as such.

Any ideas how I could get these deleted.

Dated reported is 12/07, date released 3/08, verified on 4/08

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