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What if you didn't file affirmative defenses?

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In answering the summons I was in a panic, didn't understand what "answering" meant and was advised to write a letter stating I disputed and was not acknowledging the debt as mine; which I did and filed with the court as an answer. Pretty pathetic. Found this forum and realized how behind I was and what a huge mistake was made.

Have had 2 pretrials, did discovery, denied all their addmission questions, have a hearing on MTS affidavit, bill of sale coming up; trial date set shortly after that. Nothing offered from them during discovery, they are suing on account stated.

My question is when will not having filed affirmative defenses come back to bite me? Anything I can do to counteract that mistake? How bad is it that I screwed that up?

Plaintiff never went for MSJ and I think its too late to push that through as the trial date is approaching. Good or bad sign?


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