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Have not heard from arbitrator.

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OK, In Jan 2011, Midland Funding, suing me for Chase CC debt. Live in OR, mandatory arb. Hearing 6/24/11, no proof of ownership. Arbitrator, gave plaintiff 15 days still have not heard. Left vm for Arbitrator heard nothing. Received notice from court stating pending dismal if not contacted by the 15th of Aug.

Need to know what to do now. Should I request a dismal based on that there was no proof of debt.

Also how do I request that court cost, $139. for answering complaint and $500 for arbitration.

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Tmaethree this sounds like a repeat of my case with them. The attorney's for Midland did let my case dismiss, then the courts reinstated the case. Who is Midland's attorney? and who is the arbitrator, if you don't mind me asking.

I showed up for the arbitration meeting, Midland's attorney did not. In fact the arbitrator said they did not think I would show up and he was not coming. I lost my case.

Please make sure you pay all costs and arbitrator fees, if you can't afford them have them waived with the courts.

I am new here so I am surfing new grounds, but if you would be so kind you could message me, I would like to share our experiences.

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To bad about your case.... I did pay all court cost up front. $139 for filing and $500 for arbitration... We were present, Attn. for Midland via phone....

Just received in mail today Arbitration Award. Judgement in favor of me and cost to defendant in the sum of $197.00.

So is now the time to request memorandum of costs?

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