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I have jury trial last week of september , whats the time limit for filing 2nd set discovery to plaintiff(citibank) im in missouri?

in addition

1.how does one request a Prod. of Documents to prove being retained by _________;?

2.and is there a way to find out WHO actually owns the account?

3.If Debt Collectors are the ones who actually own the account(s), but using Bank as Plaintiff vs. themselves, mainly b/c the account was written off, so it is technically out of the banks collections dept. So how does one find out if this is true or not ? SIDE NOTE-( I requested this info in the past, with a Discovery Request for Production of Documents, and you get a response of "Objection Privileged communication or something similar!" Do you think would it tick a Judge off to file a Motion to compel for that information, so they are ordered to fork it over ?


1. How does one subpoena a Affiant to trial?

2. Is this request (subpoena) served via Attorney?

3.And what wording is used?

I know this is a biggie and i pray the legal minds that are here can help-and thank you for taking the time to read my request.:roll:

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To see if the OC sold the account, look at your credit report. The OC's entry will show the account is "charged off". If it's been sold, the entry should state "sold/transferred"...something to that effect. If it doesn't state that in some form, then the OC still owns the account.

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plaintiffs called for hearing over my answers to discovery- just like there Discovery they never answered mine so i guess i have to answer theres in a hearing?

they never had there answers in Discovery Notorized , they never answered what they were using in trial, orginal contract etc etc, what does this mean to me that they wernt notorized ? they didnt want to notarize them for a reason ? a tactic to add docs last minute? and ideas?

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This is a nightmare. You need to subpoena witnesses. However, any witness they call at trial, you get to cross. If they objected to all your discovery, you had to call up their objections before the judge in a Motion to Compel. It's within two weeks of trial, so you're out of time. You may try to get the judge to continue the trial date so that you can get discovery...

Ugh. What a mess. What Circuit are you in?

Of course, I don't know the facts of your case so don't consider any of this to be legal advice.

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